Meaningful Space Design.


  • Home design from the inside out.

    You’re ready to build your own home and you have a vision. Jason Todd Home Design in Bend, Oregon exists to see that vision through with intention and creativity. We get at the heart of how you use your home to design a floorplan that is specific to your Central Oregon lifestyle. Then, your dream home begins to unfold before your eyes as form takes shape around its function.

  • Designed for the why.

    We use visuals to arrive at a stylistic concept and then dig deeper to learn what your daily life looks like now—and what it will look like in 5, 10, 15 years. The end result is a meticulously designed home that marries efficiency with timeless beauty and sophistication.

  • Soundly rendered beauty.

    A well designed home is the balance of comfort, luxury and efficiency which all begins with a well-executed plan. We understand and anticipate all aspects the home building process from the permitting level to the moment you walk in the door. This is manifest in the way we guide you through the process and work closely with your builder to ensure every detail is accounted for. Our plans are recognized among the building community as crisp, clean and having a practical accounting for construction details. This makes the process smooth, more economical and rewarding for you as the home buyer and for the team helping make your dream home a reality.

Jason has a very complete set of plans that feature all the construction details. You don’t see that from a lot of other designers. He thinks through the process of construction and other designers just draw the pretty pictures with no detail to back it up.

// Local Builder

Meet Jason.

You could say my passion for architecture was in the design from the beginning. My dad was an artist and technical drafter and my uncles were engineers, builders and tradesman. Growing up, I loved walking through houses under construction and observing the science of a well-built home.

My design career began in 1993 in Southern California. I grew up in the Eastern Sierra with extremes of 10’ of snow in the winter to 100° days in the summer. From a young age, I knew that intelligent home design was the difference between comfort and misery.

Today, I love creating functional homes for my clients–providing them solutions to problems they’ve endured in other homes that were accepted as normal. I start with the perfect floorplan that compliments their lifestyle, then we get to work planning the exterior of their dream home. I believe custom home design is about getting exactly what you want–from aesthetics to livability. Putting my clients’ dream to paper and watching it come alive is a constant source of joy and motivation.